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Origin:  Nashville, TN


Genres:  Rock, Blues


Years Active:  2018-Present


Label:  Mascot Records



Short Bio

Formed while all four members were still in high school, Naked Gypsy Queens built their audience the blue-collar way: by plugging in, turning up, and playing out. They cut their teeth on the classics — the Rolling Stones, MC5, the Allman Brothers, and Pink Floyd — and funneled those influences into their own songs, creating an original sound that was loud, aggressive, and filled with supersized hooks. After developing a loyal following in their hometown of Franklin, TN, they set their sights on Nashville, quickly becoming one of the city's premiere rock acts before any of the bandmates had turned 20 years old.

Set List

Tech Rider

Down to the Devil (Official Music Video)



Label: Mascot Records, Ron Burman |


Management: Elsey &Reef Artist Management, Kevin Reilly |

Booking: TKO, Imran Xhelili |


PR: Prospect PR, Jon Bleicher |


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